My Story

Formerly an executive for a what many considered at the time to be two of the best training and development companies in California and Northern Europe, I now help people become better communicators through coaching and consultation. 

My junior year in high school I took a public speaking class and was hooked, finding the challenge of mastering my nerves and engaging a large group of people an incomparable thrill. To be clear and engaging at every moment with pride and reputation at stake was a big challenge, and I loved everything about it. 

While studying voice and stage movement in college I discovered an appreciation for teaching, so it was a natural fit when I was hired by a young, progressive training company called Quantum Learning Network in San Diego. At QLN we taught communication and leadership skills and rigorously explored the methodology of engaging people's attention. I led the international facilitator training programs and the talent cycle. It was intensive and meaningful work.

Leaving the comfort of a solid position with a successful company, I sought to explore new areas of training and communication. I worked in Asia and Europe in organizational development and soon landed with the Danish company True North.

True North trained youth, educators, and businesses in advanced social and emotional skills. I led the talent cycle and program innovation, building company self-reliance, writing new curriculum, and creating staff training methods that achieved the highest levels of teaching quality in Scandinavia. It was very rewarding and by the end of my time there we even had the Ministry of Education and LEGO as clients.

Now in my hometown of Saint Paul, Minnesota, I have come to believe that communication is the fundamental determinant for the quality of our personal and work lives. My work is to provide people with the tools to see, hear, and feel improvement.

My credentials and references can be found on LinkedIn.

Hope to work with you,