My Story

Hey, I'm Steve. I help people become more emotionally intelligent. Not that you aren't already. Just more. I coach and train people in all walks of life.  

Stories are what initially drew me toward learning why we think and act the ways we do. Overloading my school schedules with public speaking and acting was a learning experience in the art of audience engagement — how to be clear and engaging at every moment, with no breaks, no excuses. Graduating, I worked professionally in my own comedy troupe before moving to New York.

In New York my desire to explore how people communicate intersected with my appreciation for great teaching, so it was a natural fit when I began working with a young and progressive training company called Quantum Learning Network. At QLN we taught communication and leadership skills to teenagers and we trained educators in the methodology of engagement, and it was all based on educational neuroscience. I led QLN's worldwide youth and school education programs, the creative teams in curriculum, hiring, and staff development. It was intensive and meaningful work.

Leaving the comfort of QLN to explore new areas of education and communication, I began to train groups in Asia and Europe in organizational development and soon landed with the Danish company True North.


True North trained youth, educators, and businesses. For three years I served as Director of Training, building company self-reliance, writing new curriculum, and creating staffing methods to achieve the highest levels of teaching quality in the country. It was very rewarding and the people of Denmark were a joy to work with. 

Better organizational and personal results are possible for anyone through emotional intelligence development and more powerful communication. Communication is a fundamental determinant for the quality of our lives, and the mission of my work is to provide people with the tools to see, hear, and feel improvement.

My credentials and references can be found on LinkedIn.

Hope to work with you,