When change is constant, learning is the ultimate skill.


Since an organization's success is a result of its employees, having the right people is paramount. 

People at an organization earn the right to be there, ideally, from their past and present performance. Performance expectations change depending on the organization, its changes over time, the department one works in, and the direct and top leadership. With so many variables, how can you coach for improvement?

"I've never experienced any training for our organization as incredible as this. The depth and thought that went into every part of every employee's coaching was nothing short of amazing."

 Randi Larsen
 District Leader
Aarhus, Denmark 

For an individual to change and make that change habitual, it requires emotionally intelligent coaching. Behavioral research shows that all of our actions are affected by our ability to recognize and manage our emotions. Emotional intelligence (EQ) based coaching focuses on understanding internal perceptions and triggers (i.e. responses to stimuli) about how work tasks, environment, customers, colleagues, and oneself are perceived.This is change management at an individual level.

Psychologically transformative development provides the longest lasting change in our brains by addressing the roots of our perceptions and behaviors. Individual EQ development has been proven most effective via one-on-one coaching work. 

Who they are is hired. What they become is learned. 

Emotionally intelligent coaching is designed to:

  1. Illuminate relevant beliefs and behaviors that impact personal and/or team achievement
  2. Generate alternative beliefs and behaviors intended to create new or improved results
  3. Build new habituated behaviors
  4. Show the results of how these new behaviors influence group dynamics and self

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