10 Curriculum Writer's Rules

Here are some rules I strive to follow when writing or altering curriculum for facilitators, trainers, or teachers. 

  1. The most credible brain behind my curriculum is educational neuroscience. The heart is the integrity of the Facilitator.
  2. Just because a something makes sense doesn't mean it's true. 
  3. Just because something catches my ear or is dramatic does not mean it is true.
  4. Never write new curriculum just because I like it. Write it based on having the most memorable, relatable, and implementable version of the topic I can create for the intended audience.
  5. Never change existing curriculum just because I don't like it due to familiarity or lack of understanding.   
  6. It is okay if I as the Facilitator do not consistently use a concept or find value in it as long as I believe that others can, but it is always a more powerfully integrated platform from which to facilitate when I do actively use what I teach.
  7. New curriculum: Test it live, test it live again, and let other facilitators do the same before making final decisions. 
  8. What I write is best when it is doable by many facilitators, not just me.
  9. Common sense is often at odds with common science. Common science, although less popular with 'fast-and-easy' thinking, wins in the long term.
  10. Everyone's a critic, but rare is the creator, and even more rare is the appreciation of creative talent. Respect creative work with benefit of doubt.

Kenny says "Keep the fire, baby!"