An Infinite Activity

I was thinking about decision making today. Not so much making the decision as the process of considering what decision to make.

It struck me that when we think in the most basic, limited way, we think in yes/no, right/left, up/down options - options in front of us that everyone can see. But when we think more openly we break the frame, venture outside the borders and consider far more unique options. For example, I could choose the obvious - drive either left or right - or I could stop the car, get out, and go get a Slurpee.

In these moments we are able to change the game. Outcomes enter flux and results may get us closer to a whole new ending than the one we originally intended. Or maybe not. As long as it is respectful to other people involved, great.

Regardless, I appreciate people who fall on the side of innovative, who seek more than the options readily available to them and inspire others to see more. It creates a new world to live in that is unexpected and infinite.